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Webcast 5.9 Release Notes

Released: November 19, 2022

This release introduces 1080p streaming video, the ability to add links to the event resources section and multi-language captions for on-demand events. These release notes also highlight other recent changes and improvements.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email us at or contact your account representative.

Release highlights

1080p Streaming Video 

Focus on HD video across the system. Recent updates increased the minimum quality to 480p and expanded self-service usage of 720p. 1080p video streaming is now supported in a beta program, with wider adoption available in early 2023.  

1080p pic.png

Add external links to Event Resources  

Use the Event Resources section to upload documents and add external links for your audience to access from the webcast.   

event resources pic.png

Closed Captioning  

View Captions can now be viewed in multiple languages on on-demand eventsTo add captioning to an on-demand event, simulated live event or replay event, this can be set up in the Closed Captions section.   

closed captioning.png

For uploaded replay captions on Audio events and video events using the Large Content layout, the captions will display automatically below the headshot/video area.