PowerPoint Best Practices

General Best Practices

PowerPoint slides need to be uploaded in advance. Slides should be uploaded at least 2 hours before your event, but we recommend uploading 24 hours in advance to ensure they have adequate time to process.

Some advanced PowerPoint features are not recommended for use in your presentation. To optimize your slide decks for your Webcast presentation, please use the following as a guideline:

PowerPoint Fonts

PowerPoint Animations & Transitions 

Most standard PowerPoint Animations are supported  with the following exceptions :

The platform does not support timed animations. Any animations should be set On Click.  Please be sure to remove them from your presentation before uploading.

Most standard PowerPoint transitions are supported,  with the following exceptions:

Reducing the Size of PowerPoint Files

High resolution images in PPT slides can greatly increase the size of a PowerPoint file when they are embedded within a slide. Here is a quick way to compress the images and reduce the file size substantially, without causing noticeable loss in image quality.

PowerPoint 2007 

PowerPoint 2010 or 2016 

Compression should take just a few seconds, but for files with many images, it could take up to a minute or two to process. Once complete, save the modified file and upload it.

Using Non-PowerPoint Files

Convey requires a PowerPoint file to be uploaded to an event.  If you are using another program to create your presentation, refer to the instructions below for exporting the file to PowerPoint:

Keynote (Mac)



Removing Embedded Fonts

PowerPoint slides will need to have embedded fonts removed before the slides are uploaded to an event. Follow the steps below to remove embedded fonts:

PowerPoint Presentation Can't Be Edited message with Remove Restricted Fonts option
PowerPoint Save window with Tools and Save Options selected
PowerPoint Save Options window with Embed Fonts option unchecked

If custom fonts are being used in the PowerPoint file and are already installed in the Webcast platform, the fonts will load correctly when the PowerPoint is uploaded to the platform. If the fonts are not already installed, the custom font will be converted to a similar font when the PowerPoint is uploaded. Contact Support to provide custom font files for use in your PowerPoint slides.

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