Share a video during a Live event

In the Live Studio, the Overlay Videos tab shows all uploaded videos. From here, you and other presenters can preview them, play them for the audience, and stop sharing them. 

You can share a video as an overlay - in a separate window that covers the slides and video player - or play the video inline, in the video player. Once the event is archived, the recording includes the videos as they were seen by the audience during the live event.


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Preview a video

Preview your overlay videos to make sure they display correctly to the audience during the live event. When you preview a video, the video is only visible to you.

To preview an overlay video:

  1. In the Live Studio, click the Overlay Videos tab.

    Thumbnails of the uploaded videos are displayed with the video name, size, and duration.

  2. Under the video you want to test, click Preview.

    Overlay Videos Tab- Video Thumbnail with Preview button highlighted

    The video plays in a new window as an overlay.

    Note: The audio is muted when you preview a video. To test the video's audio, click Listen to Presentation Audio.