Event Delivery

Live Studio Training (18 mins)

For event hosts and presenters. When it’s time for the event, enter the Live Studio and start your webcast. This video provides detailed instructions on using the event controls to manage content, presenters, Q&A, and more.

Guest Admin Training (14 mins)

When creating an event, the host can designate one or more Guest Administrators to assist with the event. This video explains how a guest admin can join the Live Studio and present content or manage Q&A, upload event content, and run reports.

Screen Share Training (3 mins)

Get everyone on the same page by sharing your screen with the audience. Viewers can follow along as you browse a website, conduct a demo, or walk through files on your computer. In this video, you’ll learn how to prep your screen share, test your audio connection, and broadcast your screen to the audience.

Note: This training applies to screen sharing on non-Video Bridge events only. For instructions on screen sharing on a Video Bridge event, please watch the trainings here: https://help.webcasts.com/books/training-videos/chapter/video-bridge-training

Live Event Script Training (2 mins)

For moderators and presenters. Looking to streamline several types of content, such as slides, videos, headshots, layouts and surveys? Use the Live Event Script feature to plan and organize all your content into a single, seamless delivery. This video provides an overview of the Live Event Script feature, and shows how to set up the script and use it during your Live event.