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Get assistance running your event

After you schedule an event, you can get personalized assistance with delivering your event. Our event producers join 30 minutes early and provide 60 minutes of assistance during the event. Additional time can be purchased in 30-minute increments.

Note: Depending on your plan, this is called Live Event Managed Assist, Standard Assist, or Live Event "Assist" Services. At least 48 hours advanced notice is required. If your event is within 48 hours, a rush charge may apply.

Assistance provided

The day of your event, the producer will join you and your presenters 30 minutes early and:

  • Perform audio and video quality checks
  • Review the speaking order of presenters
  • Confirm what you plan to present - PowerPoint slides, overlay videos, surveys, screen share, etc.
  • Demonstrate how to use the presenter controls to push slides, answer Q&A, screen share, etc.
  • Provide event best practices
  • Connect audio and video streams and take the event live

The producer provides 60 minutes of assistance during the live event and can:

  • Manage polls and surveys
  • Watch presenter chats and respond as needed
  • Assist with technical issues and troubleshooting
  • Monitor the Q&A queue for technical questions, escalating to Support if needed

Request assistance for an event

To request assistance running your event, first sign in to your webcast account, schedule the event (as you normally do), and make a note of the event ID.

Contact Support or your sales representative or complete the online request form linked in your welcome email (if included).