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Event Branding FAQs

This article covers frequently asked questions about event branding and customization. Unless otherwise noted, the answers apply to Webcast account holders (moderators) who schedule, run, and manage events.  

What branding can I add to the landing page and event window?

For both the landing page and event window, you can customize the banner logo, right banner logo, and the highlight color. For the landing page, you can customize the registration layout, date bar color (bar layouts only), the registration form container color (Two Column bar layout only), and the background color and image. For the event window, you can customize the player container color and the background color and image.

Where do the banner logo and right banner logo display? 

The banner logo displays at the top left of the landing page and event window. The right banner logo displays at the top right.

What are the requirements for banner logos? 

Logos should be approximately 300x75 pixels in size and no more than 100 MB each. If your image exceeds the recommended size, you are prompted to resize it in the image editor. 

The maximum recommended width for both logos combined is 900 pixels for bar layouts and 1200 pixels for open layouts.

Can I display different logos on the landing page and the event window?

No. The banner and right banner logos you upload display on both the landing page and in the event window.

Can I upload a banner image instead of a logo?

No. Because the event window adjusts based on the attendee’s browser size, banners are not supported. Instead, you can split a banner image into two and upload the left half as a banner logo and the right half as a right banner logo.

What are the requirements for background images?

Background images should be at least 1600x1200 pixels in size and up to 1900x1200 pixels. Background images are centered and repeat horizontally. For best results, use an image that can repeat horizontally without seams, such as an image of a gradient color or pattern.

Can I display an image below the event slides?

Yes. You can upload an image as a Sponsor Logo to display it below the event content in the event window.

What are the requirements for sponsor logos?

Sponsor logos can be up to 400x70 pixels in size and no more than 100 MB each. If you include more than one sponsor logo in an event, each logo displays for 10 seconds before cycling to the next. You can change the display time for each logo.

Can I add text above the title bar on the event landing page?

No. However, you can add text to an image and upload it as a banner logo.

Can I add presenter information or bios to the event?

Yes. You can add information and bios about the presenters to the event landing page, in a custom tab in the event window, or both.

Can I change the layout of the event landing page?

Yes. You can select either a bar layout or an open layout. For bar layouts, you can select One Column, Two Column, or Popup Registration layout. For open layouts, you can select a Side-By-Side or Title Top layout with left or right registration. To change the event landing page layout, go to the Player & Branding tab, and in the Advanced Branding section, next to Registration Layout, select a layout. A preview of the layout you select displays on the right.

How can I use the Registration Footer and the Player Footer?

Use the footers to add a company disclaimer, privacy policy, copyright information, or any other information the audience should know before registering. You can also use the Player Footer to add social sharing links and images.

Can I set up my event in a different language?

Yes. You can use event language templates to create an event in another language. You can also customize the landing page labels, landing page content, and event emails and translate them to any language you like. The registration form fields are included in the language templates. For a list of supported languages, see Can I set up my Webcast in a foreign language?