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Presenter FAQs

Top FAQs

This article covers frequently asked questions about presenting a Live event. How many presenters can join the Live Studio at the same time? There is no maximum number of presenters that can join the Live Studio. However, if you’re broadcasting the Live even...

System requirements for video bridge broadcasts

Getting Started System Requirements

This article details the system requirements for broadcasting a Live event or recording a Simulated Live event with the video bridge. The Video Bridge supports up to 20 presenters connecting via Webcam or another source (for Advanced Video Bridge events only)....

Question and Answer FAQs

Top FAQs

This article covers frequently asked questions about audience Q&A. Recommended reading: About Q&A Where can I find questions from the audience? For Live events, the Q&A queue displays at the bottom of the Live Studio (for moderators and presenters) or in a ...

Survey and Certification FAQs

Top FAQs

This article covers frequently asked questions about surveys and certification. Unless otherwise noted, the answers apply to Webcast account holders (moderators) who schedule, run, and manage events. What are the different types of surveys? There are several...

CPE credit

Enhanced Portal Training (4 mins)

Training Videos Event Setup

Enhance your portal with interactive features. Turn on the Enhanced Portal feature to add downloadable resources, a chat for viewers to network between events, and a Q&A box where viewers can ask questions. You can also add custom tabs and include speaker deta...

Template Training (5 mins)

Training Videos Event Setup

Templates are a great way to streamline the event setup process. Using a template, you can set defaults for every part of the event setup process – registration and confirmation emails, event branding, content, security, and other preferences. When you create ...

Advanced Branding (3 mins)

Training Videos Branding

Get that custom look for your webcast event easily by choosing from several types of registration page layouts, and adding your logo, branding colors and background. In this video, you'll learn where to access branding options, upload logos, change registratio...

Remove embedded fonts from slides

Event & Portal Setup Event Content

Embedded fonts are not supported. Before uploading a slide deck to an event, you must remove embedded fonts from the deck. Note: In total, we support over 1500 different font families. We probably already support your custom fonts or can add them for you. Con...

Open Layout Branding Demo (2 mins)

Training Videos Branding

We'll show you how to get this open layout look for your own webcast event registration page in 4 easy steps.

Add a virtual background to your Webcam event

Live Events

The Webcast service does not currently offer virtual backgrounds for Webcam acquisition events. However, you can add them to your video stream with a third-party virtual webcam app. A virtual webcam app is software that allows you to add virtual backgrounds, f...

Video Bridge System Test Training (4 mins)

Training Videos Video Bridge Training

Event hosts and presenters. You are required to test your system at least 48 hours before the event start time with the same devices and network you plan to use during the event. In this video, you’ll learn how to test your microphone, camera source, and audio...

Add human-generated captioning to a live event

Event & Portal Setup Captions & Transcripts

The Webcast platform offers options for human-generated or computer-generated captions on an event. Human-generated captions allow for support in multiple language and have an increased accuracy compared to computer-generated captions but require additional st...

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Overlay video specs and requirements

Event & Portal Setup Event Content

For Live, On-Demand, and Simulated Live events. You can upload as many as 10 overlay videos to your event and share them with the audience. For Live events, you are limited to 10 videos whether you launch them inline or in overlay windows. For On-Demand and S...

Embed a webcast in another website

Event & Portal Setup Events

You can embed your webcast in another website using an iframe element. Depending on your desired setup, you can customize the embed code to show the webcast player immediately or require viewers to register before loading the webcast player. This article inclu...

PowerPoint Best Practices

Event & Portal Setup Event Content

General Best Practices PowerPoint slides need to be uploaded in advance. Slides should be uploaded at least 2 hours before your event, but we recommend uploading 24 hours in advance to ensure they have adequate time to process.Some advanced PowerPoint feature...

Video Bridge Training for Guest Presenters (8 mins)

Training Videos Video Bridge Training

In this video you'll learn how to sign in to the event and join the Live Studio, connect your video source, and use the video bridge controls. You'll also become familiar with video bridge tips and best practices.

Video Bridge Training - Administrators/Hosts (10 mins)

Training Videos Video Bridge Training

Event hosts and administrators. With the Video Bridge, you can broadcast your video stream from a webcam, video conferencing system (SIP/H.323), on-site encoder (RTMP), or meeting apps such as Skype for Business. In this video, you’ll learn how to connect your...

Live Studio Training (18 mins)

Training Videos Event Delivery

For event hosts and presenters. When it’s time for the event, enter the Live Studio and start your webcast. This video provides detailed instructions on using the event controls to manage content, presenters, Q&A, and more.

Webcast network requirements for presenters

Getting Started System Requirements

Network requirements for presenters can be accessed here: Refer to the right columns for the requirements for presenters based on if it will be an audio or video event. Please provide these instructions to your IT depart...