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Add a virtual background to your Webcam event

The Webcast service does not currently offer virtual backgrounds for Webcam acquisition events. However, you can add them to your video stream with a third-party virtual webcam app. A virtual webcam app is software that allows you to add virtual backgrounds, filters, and more to your webcam video. After you install it, the virtual webcam displays as a new webcam source that you can select when joining the event.


Note: Virtual background are available for Video Bridge events. Refer to this help article for more information:

Supported virtual webcam apps include:

Note: Download and test the app in the Live Studio at least 48 hours before the event starts. We do not provide support for third-party applications.

Change your background with a virtual webcam

Before joining the Live event, start the virtual webcam app and set up your virtual background.

Important: You must keep the virtual webcam running during the event for your virtual webcam to display properly.

To connect to the event with a virtual webcam:

  1. Join the Live Studio.
  2. In the Live Studio, a notification displays in the top left of the window that requires you to allow the Live Studio to access your computer's camera and microphone. Click Allow to grant permission.

    Allow Google Chrome to use your microphone and camera option

  3. In the Broadcast Controls panel, click Preview.
  4. For your Video source, select your virtual webcam and then select the microphone you want to use for the broadcast. Check your webcam preview and audio levels to verify that they work properly

    Note: This is only a preview. Your webcam is not visible to the audience or other presenters.

    Broadcast Controls panel with a virtual webcam preview

  5. Click Connect to connect your audio and video to the event. Once you're connected, other presenters can see your webcam.

    Note: The connection can take up to two minutes to establish. If your stream fails to connect, click Cancel and then preview and connect it again.