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Video Bridge Overview (Moderators)


1 Live Studio tabs

Controls for different aspects of the event are grouped into tabs. Click the Video Bridge tab to manage your own webcam and audio, select a webcam layout, and to manage presenter webcams and audio.

Controls for Slides, Surveys, Overlay Videos, and other content you uploaded to the event are displayed in their own tabs next to the Video Bridge tab.

2 Presenter List The moderators and presenters who are connected to the Video Bridge. Click on the Participants text to display (or hide) the Participant panel.
3 Presenter options

Hover over each presenter on the Participant list to display a list of options. Use the microphone button to mute the presenter's mic, use the "X" button to remove a presenter, or use the settings button to display a list of additional options. Available options:

  • Spotlight a presenter to pin them to the large video frame of the selected layout.
  • Change a presenter between the Host and Guest role. Hosts can access additional Video Bridge controls.
  • Access the keypad to use the dialing option (commonly used with external meeting room connections).
  • Change the presenter's name as it appears to viewers.
  • Hide a presenter's camera, which will hide them from the selected layout.
4 Meeting settings

Access options to control personal and meeting settings. Click on the Meeting settings text in the Participant panel to access the available options.

On the Meeting settings tab:

  • Lock the meeting to prevent additional presenters from joining.
  • Show name labels can be enabled to display a presenter's name below their video feed.

On the Meeting layout tab:

On the Virtual Background tab:

  • Add a virtual or blurred background to your video feed. 

On the Personal settings tab:

  • Use the Devices dropdowns to manage the camera, microphone and audio playback devices used on the Video Bridge.
  • Adjust your Connect quality.
  • Voice Focused Noise Suppression can be enabled to suppress background noise on your connection.
  • Prioritize Sharing Video can be enabled to prioritize motion over sharpness when sharing content with other participants. This is the best option when sharing video; the image will be less sharp, but the motion will be smoother. Leave disabled to prioritize sharpness. This is the best option when sharing static presentations and images.
5 Local presenter controls

Presenters can use the available options to control their connection to the Video Bridge. Available options:

  • The microphone icon can be used to mute/unmute your microphone.
  • The camera icon can be used to hide/display your webcam.
  • The monitor icon can be used to share your screen with viewers.
  • The person icon can be used to enable/disable a virtual or blurred background on your video feed.
  • The hand icon can be used to alert the event moderator of your desire to speak.
  • The speaker icon can be used mute/unmute the audio from the Video Bridge.
  • The arrow icon can be used to enter/exit full-screen mode.
6 Active speaker(s)

The webcam of the presenter who is speaking. Voice-activated camera switching is used to highlight the webcam of the presenter who is speaking (and recent speakers when using multiple frame layouts). 

To choose whose webcams are on stage, review this article: Spotlight Presenter Webcams on the Video Bridge.

7 Your webcam view A live view of your webcam. Hover over the window to access a button in the top right of the window to hide your self-view.
8 Advanced Video Bridge settings

Additional options for Advanced Video Bridge events. Click the gear icon to access the advanced settings menu. Available options:

  • Dial Out to a participant can be used to dial out to an external meeting room or presenter.
  • Settings can be used to access options to control personal and meeting settings. Refer to #4 above for additional details.
  • Download log can be used to download logs on your Video Bridge connection.
  • Version Info can be used to access details on the Video Bridge software.
9 Broadcast Controls

Controls to connect the Video Bridge and start/end the event. Access the Broadcast Controls using the > icon access the options to manage the event.

For instructions on connecting a Video Bridge and starting/ending the event, review this article: How do I broadcast using the Video Bridge?