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Video Bridge Tab Mini-View

On a Video Bridge event, when you navigate to another tab in the Live Studio (other than the Video Bridge tab), you will see a mini-view of the Video Bridge. This window is designed to allow you to preview the video at any time and quickly access the Video Bridge controls if need.


The min-view window is a fixed size and will display in the upper right of your screen by default. Click on the Video Bridge bar to minimize the mini-view window to allow easier access to the Live Studio. Click on the Video Bridge bar and drag the mini-view window if you would like to move the window to another location in the Live Studio.

If you need to quickly access the Video Bridge controls at any time while on another tab, use the full-screen button in the lower right of the mini-view. image-1712950050766.png
This will open the Video Bridge in a full-screen view to allow you to adjust the layout, control presenter connections or make other changes to the Video Bridge. Press the Esc button on your keyboard to exit full-screen view and return to the previous tab. 

The mini-view will contain a self-view of your own video stream overlaying the primary video preview. If you would like to hide your self-view from displaying in the mini-view, hover your mouse over your video stream and click the hide self-view button. This will allow you an uninterrupted view of the primary video preview.image-1712949078985.png

Depending on your screen resolution, it is possible the control buttons for your self-view and the primary video preview to overlap.image-1712948863594.png
To correct this, adjust your browser zoom to decrease the zoom. Click Ctrl and - on your keyboard to zoom out. This should adjust the mini-view layout to allow you to access all controls.

The mini-view window will display whatever content you have open on the Video Bridge tab. For example, if you have the Meeting Layout options open when you switch tabs, the Meeting Layout options will display in your mini-view.
You can click in the min-view window and use your mouse, trackpad or keyboard arrow keys to scroll through the open menu to close it or save changes as needed. If you want to see the videos in your mini-view, close any open menus before you navigate to another tab.