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Change the Presenter Webcam Layout on the Video Bridge

Change the webcam layout to display more presenters during the Live event. By default, the Individual layout is selected and displays the active talker to the audience. You can change this layout before the event begins and switch layouts any time during the Live event. To learn more about presenter webcam layouts, see About Presenter Webcam Layouts.

Voice-activated camera switching is used to displays the active speaker (and recent speakers when using the Grid or Filmstrip layout). To display specific presenter webcams to the audience, see Spotlight Presenter Webcams on the Video Bridge.

Note: Only moderators can change the presenter webcam layout. To allow a presenter to change the webcam layout, promote them to a moderator.

To change the presenter webcam layout:

  1. On the left side of the Video Bridge, click on the Participant text to display a Participant list.


  2. At the bottom of the Participant list, click on the Meeting settings text.
  3. In the pop-out window, click on the Meeting Layout tab at the top to display a list of available layouts.


    Layout options include:

    • Adaptive: Displays up to 12 presenters in a dynamic layout feature different size frames. This layout uses AI to automatic adjust the layout and camera views based on speaking order, speaker engagement and microphone muting.
    • Filmstrip: Displays up to 8 speakers with one large frame or up to 20 speakers in two different layouts, allowing for one or two large frames. Additional presenters appear in a filmstrip below the large frames.
    • Grid: Displays up to 4, 9, 16, or 20 presenters in equally-sized frames.
    • Individual: Displays one presenter at a time. This is the default layout.
    • Speaker: Displays 10, 13, or 20 presenters in a variety of layout option combining large and small frames.

  4. Click Apply to change the layout.