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Hiding Presenters from Appearing on the Video Bridge

If you want to hide a presenter from appearing in the video stream, their webcam needs to be disabled. If a presenter's camera is disabled, their video will not be visible and they will not appear in the selected layout.

Presenters can hide their camera locally using the camera icon along the bottom of the Video Bridge. 


Administrators can also hide any presenter's camera themselves. Hover over a presenter in the Participant list and click on the settings button. In the settings menu, click Mute / Unmute Video to hide their camera. 


When a presenter's camera is muted, you will see a muted camera icon next to their name to confirm. When you would like to display their camera again, you will need to return to the menu and click Mute / Unmute Video


Note: An administrator's mute/unmute camera controls operate independently from a presenter's local controls. If a presenter mute's their camera locally, an administrator can't unmute them and vice versa.