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Cvent Integration

Integration Overview

The Webcast Cvent Integration offers the capability to pass webcast participation data into Cvent as well as pull registration data from Cvent. The Cvent Integration is facilitated by Workato.

The Cvent Integration is setup and managed by the webcast team, please use the form to request the required support.

Event Participation  allows you to send Event Participation flags to Cvent.

The Registration Integration allows you to take registration with Cvent and register the user for a webcast automatically.

The Cvent integration requires a Cvent API account. Please contact the Cvent support team for assistance if you do not currently have an account.

Event Participation


The Event Participation allows you to send Event Participation flags to Cvent. The Event Participation flag is set when a user attends a live, on-demand or simulated live webcast. These settings can be customized, please discuss with the integration team when setting up your managed integration.


Registration Integration

When you contact us regarding a Managed Integration, we will discuss all the individual fields that are available and setup the connection as required for your project. Typically, the fields that are passed match with standard webcast registration fields, such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Title
  • Etc.

Some custom fields such as Cvent EventID or Event Title can be passed as well but will require creating custom fields for each webcast to capture them.Once your managed integration is setup with our support team, you will enable the registration pass in the Cvent platform by entering your Webcast EventID in the Custom Fields section of the Event Information settings.