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Managing a Group License

Getting Started Account Settings

A License allows for account access to be shared by a group of users at a company. One user can be designated as a Team Manager, which allows them access to mange their license and the accounts of other employees at your company. New accounts can be created to...

How can I update my account details (Username, Password and/or Email Address)?

Getting Started Account Settings

The Account Details page allows you to access your account information, including the Username, Password and Email Address associated with your account. The Username and Password are used to login to your account. The Email Address associated with your account...

Webcast Attendee guide to SAML SSO

API & SAML Documentation SAML Documentation

SAML Background Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML) is a standard for securely exchanging authentication and authorization data between two parties. The standard is an XML-based protocol that uses security tokens to pass information about an end use...

Admin App Guide for Okta SAML Integration

API & SAML Documentation SAML Documentation

Prerequisites AML Background Users that need to be enabled for SAML login will need an existing account and license on the Webcasts Platform.   Supported Features IdP-initiated SSO   Procedure From the Okta Integration Network, search and install ...

Bypassing Zscaler proxies for improved performance

Live Events

Zscaler is a cloud security platform that scans your data for threats. When Zscaler is installed on a presenter's computer, it will cause any Webcast audio and video data to be redirected through the Zscaler security cloud before it can reach the Webcast netwo...

About computer-generated transcripts

Event & Portal Setup Captions & Transcripts

Automated transcripts are available for any type of event - Live, On-Demand, and Simulated Live. Automated transcripts are great for capturing the event audio in a file for your own use and for providing synced captions with a searchable transcript for people ...

Edit a computer-generated transcript

Event & Portal Setup Captions & Transcripts

For automated transcripts. You can open a generated transcript in the editing studio and review and edit it. The transcript includes time codes that allow you to play the audio from the beginning of the phrase, so you can compare each transcribed phrase to wha...

Add a computer-generated transcript to an event

Event & Portal Setup Captions & Transcripts

For English events only. You can add an automated transcript to any type of event - Live, On-Demand, and Simulated Live. The system generates a written transcript of the event audio that can be included with the event recording for viewers and downloaded. To...

Download a computer-generated transcript

Event & Portal Setup Captions & Transcripts

You can download a copy of the event transcript as a .TXT file. Generated transcripts are available within 24 hours of a Live event ending (and being archived) or a recorded event being published. Note: You can only download the most recently published versio...

Add computer-generated captioning to a live event

Event & Portal Setup Captions & Transcripts

The Webcast platform offers options for human-generated or computer-generated captions on an event. Human-generated captions allow for support in multiple language and have an increased accuracy compared to computer-generated captions but require additional st...


Record new video clips using On-Demand/Sim-Live Studio

Reports & Recordings Recordings

For On-Demand and Simulated Live events, you can use the OD/Sim-Live Studio interface to record new video clips. These clips can be easily swapped into a pre-recorded event to replace or supplement the original recording. At the bottom of the OD Studio, click ...

Jump Points

Reports & Recordings Recordings

Overview Jump Points are timestamps in an On-Demand presentation that viewers can easily navigate to when watching. Jump Points are automatically included for each Slide transition and Overlay Video in a presentation. Jump Points can be enabled for Survey and...

Video Bridge Guide for Presenters and Guest Admins

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

A Video Bridge allows presenters to connect to an event and broadcast from different camera sources and locations. As a presenter, you will join the event from your computer and connect the video source that you'll use to speak to the audience. Often this is a...

Video Bridge Overview (Moderators)

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

Number Feature Description 1 Live Studio tabs Controls for different aspects of the event are grouped into tabs. Click the Video Bridge tab to manage your own webcam and audio, select a webcam layout, and to manage presenter webcams and audi...

How do I broadcast using the Video Bridge?

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

Once presenters have joined the Video Bridge and you are ready to start your event, use the Broadcast Controls section to connect and start your event. Click on > icon next to the Broadcast Controls text in the top left of the Live Studio to access the control...

About Presenter Webcam Layouts

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

On the video bridge, you can choose how you want to arrange presenter webcams and which presenters to display to the audience during the Live event. This article introduces instructions on how to access Layout, the available Layout options, and details on how ...

Change the Presenter Webcam Layout on the Video Bridge

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

Change the webcam layout to display more presenters during the Live event. By default, the Individual layout is selected and displays the active talker to the audience. You can change this layout before the event begins and switch layouts any time during the L...

Adding Virtual Backgrounds on the Video Bridge

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

Virtual and blurred background are available to presenters connecting their webcam to the Video Bridge. Virtual backgrounds can be added before joining the Video Bridge or after connected to the Video Bridge. Follow the instructions below to include a virtual ...

Spotlight Presenter Webcams on the Video Bridge

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

Voice-activated camera switching is used by default to control which cameras appear to the audience.  The Spotlight feature can be used to pin a presenter to the large frame in a layout whether they are speaking or not. To do so, hover over a presenter in the...

Hiding Presenters from Appearing on the Video Bridge

Live Events Video Bridge Updates - New!

If you want to hide a presenter from appearing in the video stream, their webcam needs to be disabled. If a presenter's camera is disabled, their video will not be visible and they will not appear in the selected layout.Presenters can hide their camera locally...