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Managing a Group License

Getting Started Account Settings

A License allows for account access to be shared by a group of users at a company. One user can be designated as a Team Manager, which allows them access to mange their license and the accounts of other employees at your company. New accounts can be created to...

How can I update my account details (Username, Password and/or Email Address)?

Getting Started Account Settings

The Account Details page allows you to access your account information, including the Username, Password and Email Address associated with your account. The Username and Password are used to login to your account. The Email Address associated with your account...

Webcast Attendee guide to SAML SSO

API & SAML Documentation SAML Documentation

SAML Background Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML) is a standard for securely exchanging authentication and authorization data between two parties. The standard is an XML-based protocol that uses security tokens to pass information about an end use...

Admin App Guide for Okta SAML Integration

API & SAML Documentation SAML Documentation

Prerequisites AML Background Users that need to be enabled for SAML login will need an existing account and license on the Webcasts Platform.   Supported Features IdP-initiated SSO   Procedure From the Okta Integration Network, search and install ...

Bypassing Zscaler proxies for improved performance

Live Events

Zscaler is a cloud security platform that scans your data for threats. When Zscaler is installed on a presenter's computer, it will cause any Webcast audio and video data to be redirected through the Zscaler security cloud before it can reach the Webcast netwo...