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Set up the banner and logos

The banner area is displayed at the top of the landing page and event window. It spans the entire width of the browser window. You can add logos and customize the color that displays behind the logos.

To hide the banner, do not upload banner logos.

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Add banner logos

You can include your organization’s logos or images related to the event in the banner. These images are anchored to the left and right sides of the registration page and event window. You can display a left logo, a right logo, or both. To hide the banner, don’t upload either logo.

To add banner logos:

Go to the Player & Branding tab and scroll to the Branding Options section. To add a:

  • Left logo, under the Banner Logo section, click Upload Banner Logo
  • Right logo, open Advanced Branding, and under Right Banner Logo, click Upload Right Banner Logo

This example shows both logos on the registration page and the event window.


This example shows an event with the banner hidden. (Logos are not uploaded.)


Add alt text

Include alt text for your banner logos to make your event more accessible. Alt text is the text that accompanies the logos and is read aloud by screen readers. It provides context and describes the images for visually impaired attendees.

To add alt text to logos:

After you upload your logos, next to Alt Tag, enter your alt text.


Set the banner color

The banner color is displayed behind the banner logos. Either set a color that complements your brand or set the banner to transparent to allow the page background to show through. Make sure the banner color complements the banner logos. If your logos have a background color, you can set the banner color to match.

Set the banner color to transparent to show the:

  • Registration page background color on the registration page banner
  • Player page background color or image on the event window banner

Note: Background images do not display in the banner on the registration page.

To set the banner color:

Go to the Player & Branding tab. Open Advanced Branding and set the Banner Color.

This example shows a white banner on the registration page and the event window.