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Auto-fields for event landing pages

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By default, the landing page includes the event title, the event date and time, and a calendar reminder button. It uses auto-fields - that is, placeholders or variables - to pull in these specific details. The benefit of auto-fields is that they automatically update when you make any changes to your event title or date on the Event Settings tab.

To customize information on the landing page, scroll to the Customize Landing Page Content section and open Landing Page Content. Available auto-fields are listed below the text editor.

Auto-field reference

The format of an auto-field is __AUTOFIELD__ (the auto-field in ALL CAPS with two underscores before and after). The following table explains the available auto-fields and the text they display.

Auto field Description
__TITLE__ Event title
__DATE__ Scheduled day, date, and time
__DURATION__ For Live events. The scheduled duration of the event
__REMINDERBUTTON__ Add to Calendar button
__REMINDER__ The URL of the calendar reminder. Downloads an ICS with event details
__REMINDERBUTTON1__ Add to Calendar button for the first custom calendar reminder
__REMINDER1__ The URL of the first custom calendar reminder. Downloads an ICS with event details

Custom calendar reminders

Live events have a built-in calendar reminder that downloads a calendar file with the scheduled date and time, event URL, and other information. You can set up additional calendar reminders for the event. On the Event Summary tab, open Optional Event Settings and click Add New . Auto-fields are created for each new calendar reminder, with a number appended.